The Agony and the Irony of Shopping at Old Navy

In a 2013 Alaina Mabaso's Blog poll, these mannequins were voted "Most Likely to Come to Life at Night and Creep Grinning Through the Shadows."
In a 2013 Alaina Mabaso’s Blog poll, these mannequins were voted “Most Likely to Come to Life at Night and Creep Grinning Through the Shadows.”

I tend to stick with what works in the derriere department. A few years ago, I clearly remember buying two size twelve pairs of jeans at Old Navy that were comfortable and nice-looking. Now, they’re getting holes in them.

I’m a mission-based shopper.  I go solo because other people’s opinions only lengthen the time I must spend in the hellish labyrinth of women’s retail.

It turns out the Old Navy in center city Philadelphia has three enormous shelving islands stacked with jeans. And beyond that, a whole wall covered in folded denim.

Lord give me strength.
Lord give me strength.

And have you heard? Old Navy jeans come in “a perfect fit for every body.” Get ready to calculate the volume of your ass and the vector of your thighs, multiplied by every embarrassing stereotype of the modern woman.

The wall of jeans was divided into two halves, labeled “Skinny” and “Boot Cut.” Then I realized that each of these areas had three sections: Diva, Flirt, and Sweetheart. (How ironic that my writing career doesn’t give me the funds to shop at Express, where pants are called the Editor and the Columnist.)

So is choosing among Diva, Flirt and Sweetheart merely a matter of your personality? (Really capturing the full range of womanhood here, aren’t you, Old Navy?)

I read clues as to which pants I should try.

Diva: “If your waist, hips and thighs form a straight line.”

Flirt: “If you’re straight from waist to hip with fuller thighs.”

Sweetheart: “For curvier shapes with a defined waist.”

But wait, there’s more.

The Super-Skinny Rockstar is “Super stretchy and universally flattering.”

Then I noticed something else. Each pair of jeans was also designated “tall,” “regular” or “short,” piled in no particular order.

To the consternation of the fashion industry, my waist, hips and thighs have never been a straight line. But could I pull off the Flirt? Or was the Sweetheart my fate? Could the Rockstar truly fit me, a chubby journalist with chronic back pain and a fondness for Philip Glass? Since I’m just under five feet, four inches, “tall” pants’ hems puddle on the floor. But sometimes “regular” ones do too, while “short” pants hover awkwardly at my ankles.

I called MIT for help. To figure out how many pairs of jeans I would have to try on, I gave them all the variables to combine: Skinny, Boot Cut, Diva, Flirt, Sweetheart, Rockstar, Tall, Regular, Short, dark wash, light wash, stupid stylish fake-weathered holes and no stupid stylish fake-weathered holes, each type in sizes from 00 to 18. Their best mathematicians are still running the numbers but the possible combinations are estimated to be in the hundreds of millions, and Syria will turn into a commune of flower girls before one woman could try them all on.

But the worst blow of all was the picture that showed three ladies modeling the Diva, Flirt and Sweetheart styles under the “every body” tagline. I looked at it for a long time, trying to discern any differences in the three sets of denim-clad legs and therefore any clues as to which formula I should try. The perfect jeans for every body, it seems, as long as your mother was a gazelle and you have thighs the length of an Olympian’s ski.

Thank you, Old Navy, for leaving no stone unturned in your effort to honor all body types.
Thank you, Old Navy, for leaving no stone unturned in your effort to honor all body types.

When I staggered to the check-out, half the afternoon was gone and I had two pairs of jeans on my arm. I offer these images as vital clues to any woman who might venture to Old Navy for jeans. I set out to find pants to fit my body, but I had no idea how many bodies I actually have.

It turns out that I am a size 16 regular Super Skinny Rockstar.

And a size 12 short Boot Cut Sweetheart. 

UPDATE: Well, I certainly didn’t imagine when I wrote this little treatise on jeans that it’d be one of the top-trafficked posts in the whole nine-year history of this blog. Clearly, a lot of people need support on this particular sartorial journey.  Join the fray in the comments, or if you liked what you read here, you’ll probably like my current blog, Fiction Need Not Apply.



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  1. Very amusing antecdote! Hey, I’ll give you my coupons for Express….

  2. I hate shopping for jeans. XD I’ll buy all sorts of shirts and cute accessories, but I have yet to find the “perfect” jean for me.

    • The “perfect jean” is a myth. But I suspect this may be only because I’m a short, chubby girl. If I suddenly become 5’9″ and 115 pounds, I’ll let you know if I find something that makes me feel really glamorous.

      • whats with this self loathing woe is me!! its annoying!!! in what world is a 5’9″ woman ideal? thats taller than most men in the USA.
        I remember a time when looking like a woman is ideal! I hate shoppign with women and hearing their “OH MY GOD I WANT TO DIE, IM NOT A SIZE 0” rant! come on!
        i understadn finding jeans is hard for any woman but the issue isnt the jeans! the issue is YOU! even if the jeans are great,you will still find something to criticize because you are not happy with yourself!! here we have women wishign they were supermodel height
        This is just sad

      • I think we should all look to mass-market jeans to determine our intrinsic self-worth.

  3. I suppose we should be happy for all the choices, but looking for the right pants can become a shopping quagmire. I’m sorry heredity may have contributed to your fitting challenge. Unlike your brother who can put on any pair of pants “in his size” and have it fit perfectly. NOT fair…

  4. loved it. thanks for giving this semi-housebound mom a laugh. can’t wait till i can get to the mall…

  5. I realized as I put my Old Navy jeans on today that they are from the “Dreamer” line. I know it is probably meant to make me feel like I can achieve my dreams, but in reality I feel like it’s yelling at me. More along the lines of IN YOUR DREAMS, SUCKER.

  6. Ugh jeans shopping gets even more complicated in plus size stores. In one store I went to they made all the regular sizes (I’m a 22/24) into a smaller number like 4. I suppose to make us fatties feel better?? Pfft. Then they had all of the crazy names for the fit, etc.

    Makes me cringe!

    • Men’s jeans don’t have all this rigamarole, do they?! Don’t men just know their waist and inseam and then buy it from a store they like? This is why I go shopping only once every two or three years.

  7. To make things more complicated (just in case you were wondering) they also offer the Dreamer line online only, and all styles are also available in Petite, for people 5’4″ and below, which seems to just throw all the sizes off by 1/4″ and of course you can’t try them on at all since they aren’t available in store.

    I also only shop for jeans every 5-10 years, and recently completed an Old Navy excursion.

    • I dream of never having to shop for clothes again. Alas, it will never come true. Now in these comments I have heard from both petite and plus-sized people and I realize that there are complications I didn’t even know about. God help us all.

  8. Shopping for jeans is an ordeal designed by the devil himself. The only thing more soul sucking and terrifying is shopping for bathing suits.

  9. There are complications with all clothes shopping in my mind… I also agree with going solo – if you don’t look good in something only you have to know about it! You probably wouldn’t like the effort involved but I have considered getting my clothes tailored. I have a problem finding clothes that fit every part of my body! I do have to say, though, that you look good in those two jeans so I would consider it a success! On the down side, it gets worse when you have children and your body morphs on a weekly basis for two years (at least that was my experience).

  10. Loved it.
    & here’s a link to my own rant on a similar topic
    (not that you asked…) :

  11. Than you for explaining the Old Navy styles. I know no female who is shaped like Diva. I bought a pair without trying them on and they are awful! My favorite old navy style is Sweetheart. But my very favorite jeans are Lee. They are good quality and fit like custom made just for me. I buy them at a farm equipment store.i like skinny legs although I am a chubby short lady.

  12. I have long-ish legs, “shapely” thighs, wide hip frame and not too much of a rear, but it’s there (I’m 5’6″ and curvy but fairly slim). A size 10 tall Sweetheart fits me like a dream, but I made the mistake of buying Gap jeans in three different styles, but only trying one pair on. Good grief! The one pair I tried was a 10 tall/long (whichever, I don’t remember) and fit fine, so I grabbed two other styles in that size. Tried them on at home. OMG! I couldn’t even get the snaps within two inches of buttoning, no matter how much I sucked it in. They were fitting like a 6!! Who the heck decided that there should be a several inch difference it waist size in the same size jean in different styles within one brand? I now keep myself confined to the 10 tall Sweetheart, and a 9/10-32″ Wrangler Q-Baby. I know those fit, so why torture myself with straying elsewhere? I haven’t even tried to figure out how to translate the current trend of waist sizes. Am I a 32? A 36″? Where do you measure? Natural waist, hips, butt? Why is there even variation there? My daughter can wear a 25 in some brands, but others a 26 is too tight. Isn’t an inch, an inch?? I would love to pay a consultant who could measure me and then do the shopping for me. 😉

    • Yeah, what a world. How can I be a size 12 and a size 16 all at once AT THE SAME DAMN STORE? This is why I buy jeans only once every two or three years. I know your struggle.

  13. very funny blog.

  14. Hah. That’s funny. I’m 5’8 and super curvy, but the Diva Regular Bootcut are what fit me. You have a lovely, clever way of describing their “comprehensive” system. Great read. And those pants look great on you, by the way.

    • Glad you enjoyed. With a system as “comprehensive” as Old Navy’s, we curvy women have to stick together. Thanks for weighing in on the pants! Good to know I made the right choice.

  15. It seems as if you were just having a bad week. If Old Navy would have had a photo or outline of a chubby or thick woman rockin’ the Sweethearts, you most likely would have complained about curvy women being misrepresented. As for Express, their models are stick skinny (Minus the new appearance from Kate), and women with our body types will have less luck finding anything flattering in that store.
    As for your comment in regards to finding time to shop at the mall being the most difficult aspect of having an infant, you clearly are not a Mother! That was a rather offensive and baseless comment.

    • Dear, dear, it’s true, perhaps shopping makes me so grumpy that I’d hate the store no matter what kind of marketing it has. As for my philosophy on infants and shopping…if you’re that determined to be offended, I can’t hold your hand every time things get a little facetious over here. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. What I really dislike about Old Navy is the fact that you can grab two jeans, same style, same size and they will fit differently😳 You really have to try everything on there! One reason I would never ever order on line.

    • Right?? You shouldn’t have to try on jeans til you’re exhausted just to find one or two that fit.

      I never order any clothing online — I feel like my body was specifically formed to defy the sizing of 98% of all garments manufactured worldwide.

  17. I have been wearing the Old Navy “Sweetheart” jeans in a size 14 for several years now. When I need a new pair I just go in and buy them without trying them on. Well, I went in last week to get a new pair after my old ones ripped, and when I got home I was sorely disappointed. At first look they seemed smaller, so I held them up to my old pair and the new pair was a good 3″+ smaller in the waste. They were also shorter, sitting lower on my hips. I also noticed that the “Sweetheart” logo in the waistband was different. I don’t understand how a company can just change the size and fit of a style of jeans and not change the name. If they are the same style / size they should be consistent.

    • Alaina Mabaso May 11, 2015 — 2:27 pm

      Damn, thanks for the heads up on the Sweetheart line. I’ve been wearing the size 12 for years; good to know that I should be sure to try on before I buy any more.

    • Yep, I just got this years pair(that I buy online since it’s a 50 mile drive to the closest store and they haven’t changed sizing in years) and it arrived a surprising “semi-evase” model instead of sweetheart and does not fit like the last 6 pairs. ugh

      • Alaina Mabaso June 4, 2015 — 9:21 pm

        What a valuable forum this has turned out to be. (Why do you live 50 miles from a place where you can buy jeans??)

      • Preach it, girl. The Sweetheart has changed this year. I was trying for some new one the other day & almost pulled my hair out b/c of the size switch. Again. Old Navy is horrible about being so inconsistent in their sizing anyway. It’s not just you, my petite, curvy sisters. It’s the same for us tall, curvy ones too. The waist is never the same for any two pair of jeans for the same style, in the same size & the length runs wild too. A “long” can either be long enough or just too short by anywhere from an inch to two inches. That means you’ll have to buy them online in “tall” if they don’t happen to have any in store which dooms you. The odds of the jeans you order being the right size isn’t in your favor & you most likely won’t get it. It’s just a nightmare.

      • Should we all just start a nudist colony somewhere in protest of Old Navy’s sizing policies?

  18. Omg this is actually a little infuriating. I bought a size 4 in the Diva in Standard, which were a little tight around the waist and a size 6 in the Skinny in Standard, which are a good fit in the waist but neither were “skinny” enough for me in the legs so I decided to try a Rockstar Super Skinny. Stupidly, I thought that if I got a 6 in those, then they’d fit like the Skinny do… yeah right. They are so bloody tight on me that I get the horrible mushroom belly!! I made the mistake of buying the Diva and the Skinny in store, but bought the Rockstar Super Skinny online (because I don’t live in the US), thinking if I went by the size that fit me with what I had that I’d be okay… silly me. Because it’s sooo stupid of one to expect sizing charts to be standardised. I would need an 8 or higher in the Super Skinny to not feel like I’m crushing my ovaries.

    • And another one bites the dust. Are you hearing this, Old Navy??!

      Rock the mushroom belly if you want to (I love putting mushrooms IN my belly), but don’t crush your ovaries.

      I still have the jeans originally shown in this blog post, though I haven’t been shopping for jeans at Old Navy since. I’ve lost a bunch of weight since then b/c of health problems, and now I need new pants. Which isn’t Old Navy’s fault.

  19. Oh… much yes…..

    Especially because Old Navy likes to change it up so often. I was wearing Sweetheart, but they don’t have those anymore. So I go looking for “Old Navy jeans guide”, and here I am. You’re on the first page of results. Go you!

    And now my daughter is wearing ladies jeans and, I kid you not, I went through the exact algorithm to figure out what we needed. Came up with about 12 combinations….NOT counting length or size. With 15 minutes til closing. I’m honestly thinking she tried on 12 pairs. Or more. 4 fit the bill. So I took pics of the tag (because exact specs are key here, you know!) In the midst of our try-on-athon, the manager comes in the dressing area and asks if there’s anything he can help us with….a nice way to say we closed 15 minutes ago. But we did leave with one pair. Next step was matching the tags to styles on the website. And finally, I’m able to confidently order what she needs. But let’s keep in mind that when you filter the options, no fewer than 40 pairs show up because they must show every style in every color separately. So now I need a nap.

    But thanks for putting in words EXACTLY what it feels like to shop for jeans in Old Navy! Funniest thing I’ve read in a while. 🙂

    • Yeah, who knew this post about buying jeans at Old Navy would be one of the highest-trafficked pieces on this site for years. Clearly a lot of us need help and they’re landing on my blog.

      Congratulations on leaving with one pair of jeans. That is a real accomplishment at Old Navy, or anywhere, really, if you have a female body.

      Good luck in all your shopping adventures. Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Welp, I expect you’ll be getting even more traffic on this post soon, as Old Navy has just changed its jeans fits again. Argh! I’m a 5’10” curvy size 12 with a high waist, and the only–ONLY–jeans that I’ve ever been able to find that fit me properly were ON ‘The Dreamer’ jeans. (And yup, I, too, find that name a bit too “shyeah, dream on” for my taste.) Which, of course, are now gone.

    I sew. I hate making jeans, but I sew. Do I really have to just flat out start making all my own jeans now? I think I will call them the ‘Okay, But That’s the Last Straw’ style. Or ‘Tom Cruise stars as Tom Cruise in Tom Cruise Harder: I’ve Taken Too Much Crap (Jeans Edition).’ There will be blood.

    • Oh the cruelty of it all. My jeans are wearing out and I need new ones soon. I quake to think of what I’ll find if I venture back to Old Navy. The ones I bought back when I originally wrote this piece a few years ago fit so well, but now???…Old Navy should be cutting me a check just for emotional support services to its clients.

  21. Hilarious and horrifying! And I know that particular Old Navy well. It’s always a freaking mess.

  22. Ah, we need an Old Navy jeans support group. I found this page because I learned that Old Navy stopped the Diva/Flirt/Curvy lines. My jeans from a few years ago no longer fit and even though I never related to being a “Diva” I don’t know what to do now that I can’t be a Diva! And if I buy something with the “tall” inseam, I trip over the extra fabric, but if I buy something with the “long” inseam it just touches my ankles! Oh, the humanity.

    • It’s amazing how any of us survive these struggles. I’m still clinging to a couple of size 12 “sweethearts” I bought a few years ago, but I know I have to get new ones soon. My problem was often between the “regular and “short” sizes — regular was a tad too long, short was a tad too short. Call me Goldilocks. I had hip surgery last spring and that is my excuse for now: trying on lots of jeans is hard.

  23. I’m a size 4 flirt regular… or size 4 flirt skinny jean in short…. guess what they got rid of flirt.. now there is something called boy friend which looks like parachute jeans …

  24. I also go to Old Navy. I’m a size 12 long in Divas. You have to realize that some guys want skinny jeans too. They don’t make them in guy sizes, at least at Old Navy. There’s also a caveat that the retail giant has tossed in: Divas are no longer that lovable, familiar denim that we grew up with. Two years ago, yes; but today, not so much. Alas, the Divas of nowadays include spandex. Perhaps our store of choice in major malls has decided that guys can no longer purchase the ubiquitous classic denim fabric. We don’t want stretchy. We want style! I wonder if these comments get seen, or better yet, actually NOTICED by those that have the power to bring back what worked. Perhaps it is us, the shoppers, that possess that power. After all, they will most certainly notice what sells and what doesn’t.

  25. On the topic of the newest cuts of jeans, 1)skinny, 2)original, and 3)curvy, I’m having a minor melt down.

    We all know how hard finding the right jeans can be, and I’ve trusted my size 12 Divas for 6 or 7 years. I only go to old navy when I need jeans. When I went in and couldn’t find the classic, albeit terribly named, styles, I read the signs and “If you liked the Flirt or the Diva, you’ll love the Original.”

    I knew there was a huge chance for disappointment, so I took a pair of size 12 originals to try on at home. I hated the flirt, but looooved the Diva, so I knew it was risky.I tried the pants on when I got home, and they fit, which was a relief.

    Today I wore my new jeans for a full day, and I was very aware of how uncomfortable I was because my divas are so perfect. And now, a hunt for a new Jean will begin.

  26. My experience with the new “curvy” fit …

    In the past, I have been an 18 regular length Diva or Sweetheart in Skinny or Bootcut, even an 18 in the Rockstar. This recent trip to Old Navy, I purchased regular length in size 18 and 20 in the Curvy Bootcut. I couldn’t even button the 18 so they were returned. I then went online and ordered a Curvy black Skinny and a denim Skinny in the 20 since the size was what I THOUGHT I needed. The black ones wouldn’t even pull up over my hips! The only place the denim ones fit was my booty. Ugh, just when buying jeans had FINALLY gotten easier, they went and changed it again.

  27. The Curvy is *not* a good replacement for the Sweetheart – it’s too big on the waist and slides down. Jeans buying sucks!

  28. I love my Sweethearts, and when I just went in to get a new pair, they told me that the Curvy’s have replaced them! Ugh. Definitely agree that this is not a replacement. the waist is much shorter and it doesn’t keep in all that I need it to keep in…

  29. Hahaha, I love your writing! I didn’t clothes shop for over a decade and then braved myself through online ON reviews, since I had some experience with them doing my size OK. My measurements suggest size 0 (I think I’m going to get thin-shamed…) but look at any size 0 (or LOL 00 if you see one, there’ll just be the one) and tell me how ANYBODY can fit any vagina in there? I mean, organs in general. Or thighs. I usually can’t even pull them up. I roll my eyes at women craving a size 0 – it means nothing! It means being on the bottom of a size chain with no other options to try if something doesn’t fit! 2 never came close so I always insulted my body with brands that do Junior 1/2 size, they don’t choke but give unappealing baggy behind and fall off all the time, I’m never even going to TRY those again. *shudder* *shudder*
    Shopping is more like A Perfect Crisis for Every Body.

    So reviews lead me to some old stragglers still available online; I found petite 2 high rise rockstar and it’s the very first 2 that I didn’t swim in, instead they’re a little tight, I often wear them out undone under a coat, haha, who cares if I slip up, it’s high rise! And I picked a regular 0 diva boot cut, and came here trying to see what on earth diva meant. I certainly am not a “straight line” but these are a very close fit …just a bit too close to giving me cameltoe. Not allowed to have organs. And I’m not long bodied. Also wondering, are all women’s pockets and zippers tiny and useless or is it just the low range?! At any rate, ON has the most reasonable fits I’ve found, as much as I also mock them. Take care and good luck, friends…

    • More reporting from the front lines! And no thin-shaming here. No any-size-shaming. We all are what we are. Hope you find something that fits!

    • Pockets! I miss pockets! I wore guy jeans for years, and they have such lovely deep pockets (relaxed fit or loose fit actually works reasonably well for girl shapes, for those who are running low on options to try). I was shocked when I switched back to girl jeans: why aren’t girls allowed to have pockets that you can actually use?!

      Of all the online stuff I’ve tried, Target (of all places) had the best pockets, but even those were barely half as deep as guy jeans’ pockets. Oh, and Fit 4 at Target for my fellow curvy brigade, although they were always out of any rise higher than ‘mid’ when I tried to order. Even including them, I have yet to find any brand with pockets that I’d consider even mildly reasonable.

      • Huh. I never really thought that much about jeans pockets. I guess I just accepted it as my lot in life? Or I wear hoodies so often that I have no dearth of pockets. Or maybe the reasoning is that since women carry purses and men typically don’t, women don’t need capacious pockets….?

      • Omg I thought the same thing when I started wearing girls jeans. Imma guy but I love love LOVE the cut of Divas. They don’t make nice jeans like that for guys. But the pockets are soooooo shallow! I miss the pockets of my Levi’s!!!

      • Looks like we need a pockets revolution.

  30. I have a very tall thirteen year old daughter who wears nothing but Old Navy Sweetheart bootcut jeans. She’s tried other brands and Old Navy’s other styles and the Sweetheart is the only jean that fits her comfortably and appropriately for her age. She’s also comfortable with the name of the jean. She finds the other Old Navy jean style names( Skinny, Super-skinny-Curvy) demeaning. Yep, she’s a smart girl that doesn’t take crap.
    Yesterday, I ran in to Old Navy to buy her a pair of new Sweetheart jeans after ordering them online in the past and was shocked when I was told the Curvy jean was the new Sweetheart with the same cut and fit. I told the salesperson that wasn’t true-even their advertising above the display lists differences in the two styles. I walked out empty handed and so frustrated that I had to write an email which got me the usual apology, a promise that they would notify the creative team and a link to a survey. They got no 10’s from me.
    So, now I have to break it to my kid her favorite jean style has been discontinued and we have to go on another jean search since she grew another inch. Oh joy.

    • I’m sorry for these travails. I guess we should all comfort ourselves that at least these are firmly in the realm of first world problems. If the worst thing to happen to us this week is that we can’t find a new pair of jeans that fits properly, our life on balance is probably still going to turn out ok. Good luck to your daughter!

    • I have a very tall, now 20 y-o, daughter. She’s built like me, and I also loved the Old Navy Sweetheart fit in boot cut. All through high school we bought her jeans from Delia’s. She liked their “Taylor” fit. Maybe your daughter will, too. They come in specific inseam lenghts, up to 36″.

    • I’ve had the same problem. I have been a frequent flyer at thrift stores! I have actually found quite a few.

  31. Just letter this to OLD Navy, let’s see if they respond.

    Read the blog that started years ago and you will find out why we are upset. We finally find a pair of jeans we like and then you discontinue it. Are you trying to close the business? This has happened at least 3 different times to me and then I have to try some other Jean to fit properly.

    I decided to go to another brand of jeans such as Lee jeans that fit nicely. And they even have dress pants that fit like jeans!

    I hope you read this and the other blogs online and correct your buying habits. My Dreamer jeans had 873 like reviews, I guess that’s not enough for you to continue them.

    I started with old navy Carpenter jeans then, Sweatheart to
    Diva’s then Dreamers that are all discontinued or not in my size. Maybe it’s because they are China made? if so move to the U.S. I would pay more to get what I want.

    • Old Navy, you have been warned.

      • I also think it terrible that old navy has changed the jeans up . I am a married male I wear the sweatheart and flirt jeans and I love them . They are not what they used to be. I like the look and feel of the older sweethearts and flirts much better than any jeans I have ever worn. With all the sizes available for women its no wonder a guy can find them to fit better. What i like the best is after an hour they are not falling off me like with mens jeans. Naturally i dont wear them as tight as women do , They offer a perfect fit for me and they feel awesome.

        Now what i like when a female is wearing them is the clean Kinda plain look accenting her shape , Very sexy far more sexy than the very expensive bling jeans were seeing today

      • I assume you mean a female human, i.e., a woman.

  32. I love the Sweetheart jeans .. flirt and some diva jeans to I am a guy and i love wearing these also , I think they fit and feel better than any mens jeans and I also think they look awesome on women to . With all the sizes and fits available for a women in these jeans a guy has no problem finding the perfect pair as well What i like best is when i wear these they don’t tend to grow to much and fall off as i walk

    • And the field reports keep coming. I appreciate the male perspective on this.

      • Alaina , Do you think the sweethearts and flirts would look good on a guy ? I had my husband try some on and I love how they look on him , He likes how the fit and the feel of them are But he fears women will know he is wearing girl jeans? your thoughts ? I have seen other posts on men wearing flirts and sweethearts I really do like how they look on him and they dont sag off him !

      • What a turn this convo is taking. I am devoted to my old pair of Sweethearts, and I wouldn’t dream of robbing anyone of the same pleasure just because of his gender. I say people should wear whatever jeans they want, and if someone has an issue with it b/c they’re labeled for another gender, that is the viewer’s problem, not the wearer’s. If your hubby likes the jeans, tell him to wear the jeans and hell with everyone else.

      • I LOVE the older old navy sweetheart jeans my all time favorite and own 8 pair. My wife and I both wear them . The sweethearts always fit me the best. I like the flirts also . What I like most about them is I can wear them out almost anytime and no one would notice them as girl jeans. They feel great and its a turn-on for me to see a women wearing them and so am I .

        I am so sad to see them off the shelf at stores , because that means eventually no women will be wearing them and the look superb on you women ! not to mention I wont be able to get any more for myself ..

      • Rock on, Thomas. I’m glad you and your wife can enjoy these jeans together. I’m glad you have so many pairs.

      • Sweethearts are off the shelves?????? They quit them???? wtf I haven’t even tried them yet!!

    • @Jason and everyone. My neighbor wears the sweetheart jeans , I have to admit they look great on him. The only reason I know is I have the same pair. The line across the back pockets on some of the sweethearts is UN-deniable . plus I have like 3 of the same ones. I have never said anything about it to him . I swear they look sexy on him ! I know he is straight cause he has a few female friends that stay over there . I tried to get my hubby to slip on a pair but he refused . He don’t like jeans at all so it was a no go ! I also wish they did not stop making these. It seems they are on a skinny jean kick Which just don’t look good on most people in my opinion !

  33. Old Navy never replied to my emails on their jeans. The stockholders should worry about how the sales are store sales at Old Navy fell 7% for Dec. 2015.

    If they do not listen now it might too late !

    • As I’ve said before, their jeans have been cheapened down. The Divas that I loved oh, so much aren’t even true denim anymore. Alas, my once beloved jean is now a thinner material and severely tainted with spandex. Gone are the days of lasting quality.

  34. So Alaina I am still wondering the answer to kelly’s question——“Do you think the sweethearts and flirts would look good on a guy ? your real true thoughts . You said you are devoted to your sweethearts and i totally understand that I love mine as well ! Yesterday evening i saw my neighbor in his. I just had to know for sure if i was right . I asked him over to look at a dripping water pipe When he started looking at my water line I knew I was right. So I just out right asked him , I said Are those girl jeans you are wearing ? He blushed big time . And said yes.. When I questioned him further about it he Said he liked seeing them on women so much he couldn’t resist trying some on himself and had good hooked on wearing them because they felt so good I could tell it was starting to turn him on talking about it .I took a good look at him in them as i lifted his shirt to really get a good look. I had to end the conversation right there so I said well I think you look great in them i thanked him for tightening the fitting under my sink and he went on his way.

    I am still curious about your thoughts Alaina would you find them sexy on a guy , what if your guy wanted to wear them ?

    • Oh my. For the record, dear readers, I don’t advocate the approach of bringing people into your house, under the pretext of plumbing, to inspect their possibly un-heteronormative jeans. But if your neighbor’s into it, Mrs.JkS, no harm done in this case I guess. Or maybe you are test-driving an early version of some erotica you’re working on?

      Honestly jeans is not something I give a lot of thought to in my life — it’s funny to me the amount of traffic and comments this particular article has gotten, given my natural aversion to retail. I’m sure these jeans could look nice on men as well as women — just like women sometimes prefer men’s pants. If a guy I was dating wanted to wear them, that would be no problem.

      • You rock Alaina , Actually there are a lot of articles about sweetheart jeans and guys wearing them .
        I love how they look on women , There is just something about them that makes them extra sexy the coloring the style of them being sort of ordinary . I also like to wear some Divas to ! they feel really good ! i don’t wear those out though cause there skin tight but they feel sweet / I often always try to see the brand jeans a women is wearing i guess i have a bit of a fetish for them . all in all i think lots of people are upset to see them not being made anymore Men and women alike.

        if a women puts on men jeans she is considered stylish.
        if a guy puts on women’s jeans he is considered gay.
        the stigma sucks , However sweet heart jeans fit me really good and feel great.

        and i really love wearing them and my wife likes them on me to so all is good for me
        I am sure there are lots of guys who like wearing things like this that are forced to hide it .

      • Too bad that being “gay” is a still a word for something people look down on. Gay or straight or just a little enthusiastic about women’s pants, folks should be able to wear what they want.

        Glad you can enjoy your Sweethearts. I hope eventually you find something you like just as much, even if it’s not Old Navy.

      • I agree. Heck I’m a straight guy and I love wearing Divas. Well, the old ones that were true denim. I might have to look into the Sweethearts. I do own a pair of Flirt jeans, but they’re a bit too form fitting for my likeness. Believe it or not, I also wear toe rings. I have for 15 years. And hemp ankle bracelets that I make. I have even been known to rock glitter toes.

      • I didn’t really bring him into my home as a stranger he has been there many times he and my husband are friends. Curiosity got the best of me I just had to know if i was right . No i’m not test driving anything… All i was saying is i find it sexy that he wears them. I liked how they looked . etc etc. I think Old navy needs to go ahead and put the diva’s the flirts and the sweethearts back on the racks . As well as putting some sweethearts and flirts in the men’s section in the same cuts and sizes He was wearing the real sweethearts like a boot cut they had a little flare to the bottom somewhat loose on his thighs and conforming to his rear end and all. I found it Very sexy . I once dated a guy who like to wear my panties so the jeans thing just had me curious I guess

      • I know you know him so it’s less the stranger part and more the luring-him-into-your-house-to-scope-out-his-pants part, if that’s really true. (Not that people we know can’t pose a danger to us.) But I guess it all worked out.

      • I have so many assumptions about this thread of comments now but know it’s really not my place to make them. …For example, sounds like someone immature is using multiple accounts to insert their fetish and insecurity for reassurance. We all think it’s fine if you wear clothing that’s advertised to the opposite gender. It’s no big deal. Done and done. The more you’re afraid, the worse you’ll feel. I don’t think I’ve once in my life noticed what someone’s jeans looked like, it’s not that I’m a prude but was this really the comment section to talk about perving on how sexy other people look? Feeling rather disgusted now.
        (That said, I remember writing something in my first post here the way I thought it and not changing it to be comment section friendly, so I might be a hypocrite 😉

      • “perv” is now a verb — take note, guys. Nothing wrong with noting other people’s sexiness, but we’re still responsible for our own behavior, however hot they are in their jeans…

  35. I am a straight guy and I love to wear panties and nice tight miss me jeans the stretchy material feels awesome My fiance loves it and It feels great . I don’t care what others think when she is on my side .

  36. I really love the look of old navy jeans on you women They have a low key look and I think they are sexy
    I probably do have a fetish for jeans on a women . But I would never want to wear them myself . I like to mess on the back of them while my sexy women is wearing them . I love when my women is wearing jeans that have a name to them i think that’s hot .Most all women look incredibly sexy in flirts divas sweetheart so yeah old navy needs to bring them back .

    To all you Flirt and Diva wearing women Wear on you look great in them .

  37. I am a 33 year old male. I always loved the look of O-N jeans. I Tried on some sweat heart jeans a few years back and i really liked them as well. I traded my wranglers for these because they are so much better. As far as I know No one knows I am wearing women’s jeans. I can only hope that women like seeing them on me. Once in a while a women will comment on them looking good and I do enjoy that. I have a few pair and they fit great and have a spectacular feel to them . wish they had some front pockets though . Have never tried on the flirts or divas But I think I want to .I found this site by doing a search on men wearing old navy sweetheart jeans.

    Thank You Alaina

  38. I should have known something was up when i tried on a pair of ON sweetheart skinnies. I couldn’t even get the zipper up or button closed. I was sweating and contorting like an acrobat in cirque du soleil trying to get that pants on.
    I then compared it to my old size 20 regular sweethearts and realized the sizing tag was different,the waist was a good 3 inches shorter and the lettering on the inside back of the jean was different!!! So angry. I loved those jeans. Now they’re nowhere to be found.

  39. The Dreamers were the best. I hate low rise jeans with a passion, and those jeans were the best for my hour-glass figure in a size 12.

    Now, they don’t even have a replacement for those. I have been fortunate to find the occasional, gently worn pair, at my local Goodwill stores. I grab them whenever I can find them.

    I am now trying with some success, the Levi’s 512. They fit nice, a bit small but not too much. Old Navy has always been too small for me for the most part. Like I said I have a true hour-glass figure, wide shoulders to smaller waist to slightly wider hips, down. They tops are too small, the sweater hang, the pants, bizarrely sized. Only the t-shirts are ok, and I always get the tall, as the regular sizes are too short and I like a tuckable tshirt. Also, whenever they have their super clearances, I buy a crap load, that last me at least the full year.

    Old Navy needs to wake up and smell the reality check. We are not all model or ballerina sized.

  40. can some one post a pic of the dreamers I never got to even see these ! I wish I had a pair

  41. It has always been hard to find jeans for my husband that do not fall off him as he walks . Most off the jeans today for men or women seem to grow as you wear them. A few years back I bought a pair of women’s Levis called the perfect waist .The were exactly as named My husband still wears them and they look spectacular on him . Yes he has a pair of sweethearts to , Levis just like old navy has changed up the jeans and the material .It is aggravating.
    I would imagine if everyone started complaining to old navy on a daily basis they would go back. ? I really liked the Old sweethearts because they could be worn by my husband with out screaming look at me i’m wearing girl jeans . Also he is more calm and submissive in them ( probably because he thinks i can point out that he is in-fact wearing girl jeans at anytime ) . He really enjoys them he he says that they feel better however I think he likes them cause they are girly and wearing them makes him feel a little naughty .

    i do hope every one starts complaining more to old navy maybe it will help !

    • In all seriousness I am wondering if there’s something better we could devote our time to than lobbying Old Navy to bring back Sweetheart jeans, but I guess this is the world we live in.

  42. I find Old Navy has a better fit than any other store I’ve come across. The only jeans that I feel comfortable in and fit comfortably is the rockstar high rise jeans. I’m 5′ 2″ and while I’m chubby–basically I have a waist with a belly from the past weight loss, I have proportionally smaller thighs and butt…I have to fit the jeans to my waist size (rather than the largest part of my torso–the lower part of my stomach). The high rise covers the torso area very well with nothing hanging out on top, and no need to hike my pants every so often. Plus size skinny jeans are the only jeans that fit my waist but also don’t swallow me everywhere else. Nearly ever jean style and brand that I’ve tried over the years would always be too loose in the seats of the pants and my legs. I know Old Navy’s not great but it is so much better than my experiences with other stores such as Lane Bryant. As a short woman I hated how odd those pants and jeans would fit, and all of their clothing would fit awkwardly… for them they create clothes for larger women that are more fitting a model’s proportions–taller, proportionate etc. As for lengths of pants, having been chubby and short, hemming pants is an old hat for me. It’s something that I don’t even consider a demerit on part of the jeans since most brands as far as I know don’t sell pants/jeans by size with an option of choosing inseam length (Land’s End sells pants according to pant size and inseam length–but I don’t like how their pants fit).

  43. I really enjoyed all the comments here I myself miss the older sweetheart jeans!. I went down 2 sizes and am now back to an 8 with 3 or 4 pair of perfect condition sweethearts I hated to get rid of them. Trying to be resourceful I asked my husband to try them on. He had no problem stepping into them. They actually looked great on him! . So he now wears them and he asked if i had any more Lol . He loves to wear them ! I think they look great on him to Bu i’m jealous cause i cant buy myself any cause they are discontinued

    • I just threw out a pair of sweethearts this weekend b/c I couldn’t deny the progression of the holes in them. I’m glad your husband is getting good use out of yours.

  44. Out of curiosity I am wondering what everyone thinks of the guys wearing flirt jeans. I see talk about it I am intrigued by this and i am considering getting some for my boyfriend.I know he would wear them if i asked him to however would they be ok for him to wear ? would they look good ?

    Yes I know we cant get them at old navy but eBay has a-lot of them in really good condition. I found these flirts and sweethearts

  45. I would have to see how they fit on a guy to give my opinion really !

  46. I would not mind at all to see my husband in some sweethearts ! To Bad they don’t make them anymore because he cant fit into mine lol !

    • I have a pair of flirts, and to be honest they are too form fitting for me. They totally hug my entire legs and butt. My all time favorite were Divas. They were amazing and truly denim. On me (12 long) , the fit was perfect, and they wore well. My wife always teased me that I wore girls pants. She hates that I have glitter toes too. Oh well. I’m the one that has to live my life. Old Navy used to have amazing choices in jeans. As of now, they are pretty much just my flip-flop store.

  47. I am headed out to buy me The Sweetheart Jean of my Dreams. I had a pair of 12 stretch long given to me and I lived in them. A few pounds lighter and I need desperately to get a new pair or two… I am 5’8″ 142lbs. I am cautiously optimistic although after looking online I do not see the stretch material offered… Hopefully, I will find the jean for me and if not, the day out with the hub will be a treat. Maybe not for him. LOL!! Updates to come!!

  48. I found this blog post interesting and humorous myself, b/c I’m a size 8 at 5’2″ and it I still find Old Navy’s “magical” jean layout just as challenging.
    I even tried ordering online since I already have the size here at home that fit me fine, and just wanted to order more of the same…I did order, but for some “strange” reason the pair(s) I ordered online didn’t fit the same. Thank you for posting this Alaina! =)

  49. I love the Old navy flirts , sweethearts and divas. The look amazing on just about any women. I myself wear them . Wife knows but she is worried about what Others would think if they noticed i was wearing girl jeans So she prefers i dont do it . However they are much much way more comfortable ! they fit me better period . I dont wear them skin tight So i doubt anyone can notice. Although thinking about it i can tell flirts and sweathearts at quick glance .

  50. It seems the page does not have “The Sweetheart” anymore. However, my mom is in Canada and she found me a pair of Sweetheart in size 10 and 12. Just in case someone from Canada is looking for those 🙂

  51. I think it’s great Old Navy has pants tailored to fit so many different body types. The short Rockstar works for me and I never have to get my pants hemmed. It is pretty much the single reason I buy Old Navy pants, because they “just work” and they seem taylored just for me and are reasonably priced. It might take a little effort to find your fit but I didn’t find it difficult at all. ♡ the fit!!

  52. Dear Alaina , Thank you so much for this post . I myself have a fetish for the old navy jeans I love the clean sexy look they have on you women. I also like to wear them myself sweethearts My favorite. I did not have the courage to wear them out much until I read some of the comments on here. I started wearing them out . I was in a store and a sexy women came up to me and said . I love how great those sweetheart jeans look on you.! i was not expecting anyone to notice them as girl jeans But she did . I have to admit I was a little bit embarrassed to be caught in public wearing women’s jeans. She noticed i was blushing cause she said oh don’t worry about it i think you look sexy in them , they fit you incredible . To bad she was married ! . So anyhow thanks for keeping this post up and not deleting it ! I would love to hear how other women feel about a guy in women’s sweethearts and flirts !!?

  53. I think they would be sexy on a guy if they were fitting right ! I have tried some guy jeans so i know they are uncomfortable they are usually so think with no give in the material at all . I would like a guy to wear Some women’s jeans but not the skinny’s or super tight .

  54. I was online searching to discover why I can’t find Diva jeans on the Old Navy website and I ran across your very accurate and amusing account of shopping for jeans at Old Navy. Thanks for the chuckle. I thought maybe their Diva style is now called something else. Looks like I was wrong. Guess I’ll stir up some courage to go to Old Navy and try on a boat load of jeans. After reading a few dozen comments, I’m loving the idea that men are buying and wearing women’s jeans. Maybe I will run into one of these guys while I’m standing at the wall o’ jeans and we can compare notes regarding our displeasure that we can’t find our old favorites anymore.

    • Shortly after they changed the styles, I ordered some of the new styles that I thought were most likely to replace my old favorites (Dreamer and Flirt). I ordered the Curvy, the Original, and the Straight. I can no longer remember if it was the Original or the Straight, but for one of those, they just sent me a Diva instead. I’d ordered two colors of that particular style, and the Diva pair fit almost exactly the same as the other pair. (Sadly, looking in my closet is not as much help as you’d think in figuring out which.)

      In other words, the Diva isn’t as gone as it seems, unlike my dear departed Dreamers. I wish I could remember for sure which style it was, but if I had to bet on which of those two other styles I got that resulted in being sent a pair of Divas, I’d guess it was the Originals–if nothing else, because looking on the site now, I’m seeing Original Straight, and Boyfriend Straight, and Curvy Straight, meaning that “Straight isn’t really meant to be a style in and of itself.

      Overall, though, from what I’ve been reading here it looks like the main thing that most guys like about wearing girl jeans is the built-in stretch, and just about every style of jeans from Old Navy has spandex in it. I’d definitely suggest just trying stuff on!

      PS–called it! In case it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, I hereby apologize for all the Old Navy style related posts. 😉

      • Well, here’s another pretty good snapshot of what it’s like buying jeans as a lady. When I find a pair of jeans that fits, I buy a few of them and then retire from shopping until they have holes in them.

        And the men…sure, go crazy on the spandex-infused jeans and rock what feels good to you.

  55. After reading this I have to admit I was curious. I found some flirts and a diva straight leg in a second hand shop (looking for the older ones everyone is talking about ) . When I arrived home I gave them a washing . They were still like new . Once my husband got home we ate dinner and I had him try them on. They fit him perfectly , The darker divas were so clean looking you would think they were custom made for him . If you owned the divas you would notice he was wearing them other than that they just looked like good fitting jeans. The flirts were just as nice on him . Not to tight not to loose , I have to admit they really look good on him . He likes wearing them to , He did not even realize they were women’s jeans until I told him after we went shopping at the mall and a restaurant. He kept saying there was something wrong with the front pockets that there were so small . So i finally just said honey that’s cause your wearing women’s jeans. He was a little upset but took it well after i convinced him how great they looked on him . He also admitted he like the feel of the material compared to his own. Still on the hunt for some sweetheart’s for him ! I am glad I saw this all cause I was tired of his sagging looking jeans . I still love my old skinny Divas for me too !

  56. Some women’s jeans just always looked better on a guy Most men’s jeans are all the same fit and the newer ones are even worse as they are now adding spandex to men’s jeans they still do not fit right. They grow 2 sizes as he wears them. A few years back I discovered that women’s levis perfect waist , fit my husband perfectly .So i stocked up . I think they look great on him. He don’t care that they are women’s jeans in-fact He likes that they are. I found some sweetheart jeans on ebay I have some already that I love But I am a 6 /8 he is a 10 . I cant wait to see them on him. And we can go out wearing matching jeans. I do wish old navy did not change the jeans cause they were my favorites

  57. I love ON Curvy 12 Straight, Petite or Short. They fit me perfectly!! Imagine my elation when, in November, I found them on the website for half price! I ordered two pairs faster than you can say “what??” and eagerly anticipated their arrival. Well, let me tell ya, that was a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. In my rush to put them away, I snipped off all the tags without paying undue attention to anything else. A couple of days later, I took out a pair to wear and thought WTH?? The fabric (which was nicely heavy previously) was now featherweight. Both pairs together scarcely tipped the scales to the weight of one of my other pairs. I was shattered and immediately shot off an email to ON expressing my disapproval of this purchase. They did let me return them at their expense. My thinking (and hope) was that they had a bad run and were just looking to get rid of them. Haven’t bought another pair since. Has anyone else noticed a similar difference in the fabric, or was this just a fluke? Hoping for fluke so I don’t have to resume my search for the perfect fitting jean.

  58. Haha, too funny! I stumbled across your post while desperately trying to find my actual,exact Old Navy jeans which were my favorite until my 14-year-old stole them from me. In hopes of replacing my jeans (or at least getting her a couple pair), I discovered, that Old Navy has changed their branding once again and I will have to either make an actual trip to the store rather than order online OR forget Old Navy altogether and just shop at Ross Dress for Less (and steal my jeans back).

  59. I was so happy to be able to shop at Old Navy while traveling in the US, and I found MY jeans, the skinny diva. On another visit the year after, I bought another pair, but if I’d known they would no longer sell them later on, I would have stocked up and bought 10 pairs!
    Having to order online doesn’t help to figure out which of the “replacement” jeans would fit,so until I can travel to the US again I’m hoping that my current pair holds up for at least another year…

  60. Love love love this blog. Was recently given a pair of Sweetheart jeans but they were a bit big on me. The person I gave them to is loving them (they are now her favorite jeans). I went to get a smaller size and surprise they don’t have them anymore. FYI. I did find lots of Sweetheart jeans on POSHMARK. Waiting for the delivery. Happy shopping.

  61. I love the original sweetheart jeans. They are my favourite jeans to wear. Knowing I can’t get them anymore I take extra good care of the ones I do have .the feeling of the material is different then most other jeans soft and comfortable with a nice conforming fit. Some women do notice them on me as women jeans In fact it turns me on a little that women notice them on me . I love a sexy women in jeans and I also love wearing them .The new old navy jeans just suck . They don’t fit or feel good .

  62. I’m here because I was trying to look up how Old Navy sizes seem to differ when it’s the same size. I haven’t gained any weight. All my old size 8 jeans still fit loosely, but they are all getting wear and tear. I bought them about five years ago, so it makes sense. So I ordered a bunch of size 8s and they are all too tight. So I sent them back, and bought some tens, still feel slightly tight. So finally I bought some 12’s and 14’s. The 12’s fit perfectly, but the 14’s are too tight. Considering I haven’t gained weight (unless my scale and the gyms scale is broken and my jeans just stretched each time I grew a size and that’s why they still fit the same way they did five years ago) I can’t figure out what’s going on. It’s really discouraging, and I even told people I am too big for a size 14 and I feel fat. They told me there is no way I am more than a size 14 because that’s what they wear and I am smaller than them. I’m just confused. It makes me want to go back to the gym even though I was just there two hours ago. Maybe I’m just in denial about gaining weight, and everyone is lying to me to make me feel better.

    • But the real truth is that you rock no matter what your size is. I’m a size 14 and there’s nothing wrong with that! No number on a clothing label should control how you feel or make you feel like you ought to head back to the gym for any other reason than that you enjoy going. If the Old Navy jeans make you feel confused or don’t fit properly, find other jeans! You body is cool just the way it is.

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