Fiction need not apply.

A writing conference I once went to advertised a “speed dating with the editors” event, where attendees could stand in line to pitch ideas to the gatekeepers of several illustrious literary magazines. Organizers divided us into two lines: fiction writers and non-fiction writers. There were so many fiction writers that the line wrapped all the way around the main lobby of the venue and I think a lot of them missed lunch. But the non-fiction line was so short that I snared myself two sit-downs and still had time for a sandwich.

The message was clear. Also, I’m not very good at making things up.

Many of my friends labor on novels. I admire them, but my blog is about things that actually happened (or, in some cases, my opinions, which I believe qualify as truth). The world is so strange and funny that you don’t need to make anything up.

As a professional writer, I’m on the hook for a lot of editors’ ideas. This blog is whatever I’ve got left over at the end of the day, so enter at your own risk. Don’t wait til you agree with me to respond with your own experience or perspective. Yes, it’s all moderated, and sometimes even edited for clarity and grammar. Disagreements are fine. Hate is not.

Thanks for reading.  Find me but don’t insult me on Twitter, head to the bottom of the page to subscribe,  and pass the blog on to your friends if you enjoy it. (Ok, I know I can’t stop you from insulting me on Twitter. Besides, you haven’t arrived til someone hates you on the Internet.)

Take care,


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