One important thing is changing

Ben Franklin Bridge

That up there is a bridge, and I’m inviting you across.

I am not literally inviting you to go from Philadelphia to Camden, which is what the Ben Franklin Bridge is doing here. Not that visiting New Jersey can’t be fun. Sometimes.

If you’ve been a fan of Alaina Mabaso’s Blog, I’m inviting you to make the easy trip over to Fiction Need Not Apply, where you can subscribe to keep up with my latest blog posts (you’ve missed a few already, if you haven’t made the switch). There’s even a gallery of my recent non-blog publications over there, with stories about archaeology, ghosts, popular movies, life after divorce, and lots more.

Speaking of life after divorce, that is another important update: my name isn’t Alaina Mabaso anymore. I’m writing under my given name, Alaina Johns. This decision and transition was a tough one for me in many ways, especially since ten years of my career (including many years on this blog) were built on my previous name.

But my clients and editors are on board, and you can be, too, if you’d like. My new blog over at Fiction Need Not Apply is up and running, and I’d love to have you join in there.



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  1. Mabaso sounded real nice the way it got voiced in my head but it’s what you have to say that always has and will matter to this reader!

  2. THANKS!! love you, love your work

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