When childless becomes child-free: Embracing a future without kids

That’s a picture of me (at right) with my cousins, and my cousin’s rambunctious young daughter. I think my unguarded expression says a lot about me.

How did I go from an education steeped in cultural and religious appeals for motherhood to finding enormous relief in accepting, in my mid-30s, that I do not want children?  What decided me? What do other people have to say about it? What do you have to add?

But first, a bit of news. I’ve moved. Online, at least. My new website, Fiction Need Not Apply, is where you’ll be able to find all my new blog posts in future, plus highlights of my published work elsewhere and information on working with me.

I have loved being part of the WordPress community since 2009. Interacting with you here, valued readers, has often helped power me through the challenges of my day-to-day freelance writing career, which continues with a variety of clients.  For now, posts on Alaina Mabaso’s Blog will remain live, along with their many excellent and occasionally bizarre comment threads. If you’re a subscriber here, it’s easy to get on board over at my new site for updates on new posts.

If you want to hear more about the face in the photo above, and compare your own journey as a parent or a child-free person to my journey, you can read the whole story here: I didn’t want to hold the baby: Growing up to be child-free.

As always, your perspective is welcome.




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