A Poetic Polemic: Winter 2014

Oh you Winter of Twenty Fourteen
More snow and ice than we’ve ever seen.
The kids’ve forgot what school even means
Cuz trailers jackknife and commuters careen.

What is your deal, Winter Twenty Fourteen?
It was warmer back in the Pleistocene.
Next blizzard hits soon as you get the car clean
And I can’t remember the shade we call green.

Take me anywhere but Winter Twenty Fourteen.
I’ve booked the next starship to Tatooine
I wanna eat figs alongside the Qartheen.
Why oh why wasn’t I born Argentine?

Whaddaya want, Winter Twenty Fourteen?
Yeah yeah we’re pussies beside Buffalo’s scene
But the mid-Atlantic ain’t made for snowstorms umpteen.
Shit, power’s out again, there goes my screen.

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  1. Over here, it has been chucking it down- large areas without electricity, houses flooded, villages cut off- and today is sunny, for a change, and I have been out on my bicycle. Come to balmy England.

  2. We just finished a heat wave that had five days above 40 Celsius (104 F). There are still the smouldering remnants of bushfires just 30 minutes drive from our place in suburban Melbourne. I’m almost jealous of your winter 2014 … almost.

    • Truth is, I might complain just as much in the summertime – in recent years we’ve had brutal multi-day heat waves that go over 110 F in the city. No bushfires though, I guess because we don’t have much bush…Stay safe in Melbourne!

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