Halloween Night: a Candy Poem

Halloween night at the Johns household, c. 1993

I was Laura Ingalls, George Bush, a cowgirl, a nurse
Queen Nefertiti with a candy-filled purse,

All despite tyrannies of  the “Fun Size”
Because no miniaturized candy is fun in my eyes.

Once home, brother and I would set out our wares
Arranging battalions of chocolately fare

To improve our hauls with meticulous trades
Of desirable candies, haggled and paid.

We bore our customized stashes upstairs to bed,
Slightly greasy from make-up and a bit too well-fed,

Dreaming of Hershey’s in our lunch for a few weeks at least –
Sweets to last til the Thanksgiving feast.

Which one would you choose?


Add yours →

  1. Now yer talking! Wurst Verse sense(s), Hallowed Weenie.Patrick D. Hazard.

  2. Halloween with homemade costumes and hauls of candy – great memories.

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