The Weekly Poem: An Appropriate Breach of Etiquette

Don’t raise your voice if you’ve got something to say.
Speak calmly and quietly in a civilized way.

But there is at least one case where shouting is called for.
When volume won’t gall, or brand you a boor:

It’s when friends find their patience is veering away
Because neither of them think that they need a hearing aid.

When folks are unwittingly irritated on account of bad ears,
A shout restores tempers because it’s what they can hear.

This poem is inspired by weekends spent with my great-aunt Doreen, whom I love dearly. Here’s an essay I published recently about more of Dor’s adventures. 

p.s. I realize that the Weekly Poem has been more like the Sporadic Poem lately. I’ll try to do better.

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