The Sunday Poll: A Drastic New ‘Do

There's no going back now.

When I get a haircut, a real haircut, the pile on the floor looks like some kind of sleeping blonde creature. It may have been shiny, desirable locks a few minutes ago, but hair on the floor looks tousled and dead, and I never regret losing it when I see salon employees sweeping it into a dustpan.

I had been thinking about doing something drastic with my hair for awhile, after over a decade of various tame, pretty bobs. I was at the gym this week when I made up my mind.

I put my thick, straight hair into a ponytail because I was hot and sweaty. Then I took it out of the pony tail because I hate lying down to bench-press and feeling the knob of my ponytail at the back of my head. I looked around the gym at the other women’s damp, straggling ponytails. None of the men were paying the slightest mind to their own hair.

I envied them. I called the salon the next morning.

I came close to cutting all my hair off a few years ago, when I tried a salon in the suburbs. I told the stylist I was thinking of cutting my hair short. He fingered my hair and grimaced into the mirror.

“Yeah, that’s not going to look good on you. Uh uh, it really won’t.”

Disappointed, I acquiesced. Those were pretty much the last words he spoke to me for the duration of the haircut. A young man in a pink dress came into the salon and parked himself behind my stylist’s station, and they discussed last night’s wild bachelorette party as if I was not sitting there. For variety, my stylist also wandered away for up to fifteen minutes at a time with no explanation or apology.

I didn’t go back.

That was all before I met Tenille at American Mortals on Walnut Street. When I came in this week, she was excited to lop off my hair and said it would be really cute. I let her get to work with very little direction.

Go to Tenille.

She took pains to shape the haircut just right. We chatted about her recent engagement and just what it is that leads people to wear mullets, and whether they’re really aware of what they’re actually sporting (her theory is small mountain towns where everyone has been going to a single out-of-touch stylist since the 80’s).

It's no laughing matter when children are involved.

I’m happy with my new hair. What do you think? Here’s a few photos to get you up to speed.

Old hair (in flight suit).
Old hair (in town car).
Old hair (with niece)
New hair (Bieberized)
New hair (lots o' spray wax)
New hair (at home, sans odiferous hair wax)


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  1. Alaina! You look pretty, fresh and natural! I feel like this is a more sophisticated “you” and makes your skin glow and eyes pop. Way to go, it takes bravery to do this, but the risk was SO worth it!!!

  2. yes it is a great style for you. its soft. If you were going for a sophisticated you …I think you got it!!

  3. I get called biebs at work by a couple people. It’s taken me a while to get used to it. Dad called me biebs twice. He won’t be calling me biebs again. It’s disgusting coming out of his mouth. Point of my story? Don’t steal my ‘bieberized’ thunder.

    Oh, and I feared the worst for this haircut, but it’s definitely a good look for you. Way to be versatile.

    • Certainly don’t want to steal your thunder. Didn’t occur to me til now how similar our hair is now… Sorry you feared the worst, but I’m glad to have your approval in the end.

  4. Go a little shorter next time and it be cuter

  5. Pulitzer prize material there.

  6. I like both styles, you are very pretty and brave for taking so much off! I had short hair when I was young so I’ve been growing it out… I also have a fear of hair cutting places since they messed mine up so much lol. I cut my own now, hence keeping it long is much easier!

  7. Is that a NASA Flight Suit? (??!!???)

  8. Oh…I thought maybe you were an atronaut and not writing about it!

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