The Weekly Poem: The United States’ Ultimate Crushing Doom, Upon Us In The Year 2011

God forbid we raise taxes on anyone’s fortune!
Who cares about funding when tempers are torchin’?

And cuts to our spending will spell doom and worse.
Let’s just pretend Medicare can take all the boomers.

Superpower no more! Might as well call a hearse.
Like the empires of history, the US is cursed.

But forgive me – are these really our worst times to date?
Is a quarreling congress going to seal our fate?

We survived the Civil War and its crises umpteen,
The dreaded influenza of 1919,

We survived slavery, Jim Crow, the first and second World Wars,
And our own Great Depression, when stocks dropped even more.

There’s been earthquakes and storms and fires to smother.
Remember when the US and Russia aimed nukes at each other?

The point is, we’ve seen worse than these budgeting woes:
The buffoons that fill Congress are not our worst foes.

It seems to me, when folks say that the US is finished,
What they really mean is that we’re diminished.

We won’t be the smartest, the richest, the police of the world:
Other countries are rising, their economies unfurled.

Maybe, in world power, China is the sequel,
While we learn to see other countries as equals.

“You un-Exceptionalist minx!” the patriots might say.
“The US takes top billing – there’s no other way!”

Friends, let’s be real – the latest crisis won’t kill us –
Unless the hyperbole continues to swill us.

It’s hard to admit, in American eyes:
“Doom” ain’t the same as being cut down to size.


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