Is It Just Me Or Does This Spider Seem A Tad Ambitious?


Tonight, at about 8:30, as I was packing for our upcoming week at the beach, my husband waved me to the front door.

“Yesterday night,” he said, “when I got home, there was a giant spider web right here, right across the door. I opened up the screen door before I saw it, and then half of it was snapped loose. I stood there for awhile, looking at this spider. It was a big spider. And it was just sitting there, like it was surprised – like it didn’t know what to do.” My husband explained how he had spent several minutes trying to figure out how to squeeze into the door without destroying the web further.

It was just the kind of thing I like to stay on top of.  How big was the spider? I asked. This big? I indicated with my fingers. Or this big? We wondered where the spider had gone. I wished it happy hunting.

Twenty minutes later I opened the screen door and stepped out. My head was immediately festooned with spider-web to rival Kate Middleton’s veil.

It’s amazing how fast a spider can work.

Oh, is that your door? Don't mind me.
You don't need to leave the house after 9:00, do you?

Fond as I am of spiders, I can’t help but suspect this one of Arachnophobia-esque delusions of grandeur. One must ask…what is she hoping to catch, spinning her web right across our front door frame two nights in a row? What she doesn’t know is that we’re leaving for a week’s vacation early tomorrow morning, so she’ll wait in vain.

You’ll be on your own, as well, valued readers. I’m going to be on the beach instead of on the internet. I’ll be back next week with more polls, poems, and true stories you may or may not need to know.

In the meantime, in honor of last summer’s post, “The Birthday Syndrome”, I’ll mention that my birthday is coming up next weekend.

Click on Henry for a link.

I would suggest that the world celebrate this occasion by posting their favorite Alaina Mabaso’s Blog item in their Facebook  or Twitter feed, or that newfangled Google thing that all the cool kids are joining.

As long as the spider doesn’t get me first.




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  1. I have a spider just like that, I think it’s the same species.
    It likes to spin webs across our frount walk, huge circular
    ones. Some kind of orbweaver perhaps? I think it is tring
    to catch things attracted to our lights. Three gulf coast
    toads and a multitude of mediteriain gecko’s have joined
    it. Our frount porch must be the place to eat if you like
    bugs. I wonder if I’ll have to start taking reservations?

  2. I have a weakness for spiders ever since I read Charlotte’s Web:) I did a spider post last month, I think:) They are super cool.

    • I love spiders too! I let them spin their webs in the corners of my apartment and clean around them. They’re quite beautiful. Plus, I read that they can eat centipedes, which are my nemesis.

  3. This morning I was startled to see a very similar spider waving at me from (outside, thank goodness) my car window after I dropped the kids off at school. It took refuge on the leeward side of my side mirror as I accelerated and very industriously made itself a secure little cradle to ride in. At a stop light I took a drinking straw and tried to detach it so I could flick it into the bushes, whereupon it scuttled into the recess behind the mirror. Unlike you, I’m not a big fan of spiders, so I’m debating getting into the car from the other side this afternoon. But I did admire its tenacity and quick thinking/survival instinct.

    Speaking of centipedes, one ran right under my shoe in the garage last night. Wonder if it was suicidal or simply had a bad sense of direction?

    • Centipedes, ugh…One article I read on centipedes claimed that they run right towards people in an attempt to hide in their clothes. This is possibly the worst thing I have ever learned.

      I’m glad you found something to admire about your spider.

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