The Sunday Poll: The Spider in My Shower

This spider has been in my shower for the last few days. She’s not hurting me, so she can stay up there as long as she wants, and I can look up while I shampoo my hair and wonder what kind of spider she is. She doesn’t seem to mind the steam.

I’ve always been fond of spiders. I never touch them, because frankly I’m afraid of being bitten. They’re patient, ingenious hunters with a pointy, alien grace. I am always peering closely at them to enjoy their markings.

Spiders are always taking up residence in corners of my apartment. Last year, a large one put a web in the corner by the front door. The hunting seemed good. For a few weeks, I swept up the dropped insect carcasses on cleaning day. Then, one day, she simply disappeared.

I can imagine the hospitality to spiders being a point of stress in a marriage. But the only qualm my husband seems to have about my latest spider is that, if I post a picture of it online, people will think I never clean the shower because it’s festooned with webs, when in fact I scrub it regularly.

Sometimes the Sunday Poll gets philosophical. Today, all I’m wondering is whether I’m strange or possibly unhinged for my lenient, even affectionate attitude toward spiders.

P.S. Does anyone know what kind of spider this is??


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  1. I will ask Alan to ID the spider

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