The Sunday Poll: The World’s Worst Gift

The culprit.
Givers of tasteful gifts.

Spending the weekend with my family, my husband and I received two gifts. One was from my parents. One was from my younger brother. My parents, noting my husband’s heritage and interests, had given him a portrait of Nelson Mandela for his birthday.

A tasteful gift.

My brother, who has recently returned from a vacation in Thailand, brought me a souvenir: a giant dead centipede, mounted and framed for display in my home. For newer readers and subscribers who may not be familiar with my feelings on centipedes, I invite you to click on the picture below for a link to one of last year’s blog posts.

The world's worst gift.

And so we come to the poll.


Add yours →

  1. Oh my goodness…..That makes my stomach turn! But I think it was a funny gift, if a bit mean. What a perfectly brotherish thing to do. 😉

  2. If if is really something you abhor, I think you should invite him over for dinner and tell him gently that you love him very much, feel sure that he will buy you nice things in the future (and vice versa), but that you intend to take his sweet gift into the back yard and hose it down with a flamethrower. Then ask him if he wants another glass of wine.

  3. Your new giant ‘pede is much less offensive then his midget cousins. He’s a cold blooded killer who has no reason to hide in your clothes or lurk in the closet or jump onto your face. When he’s hungry, he wakes up, scurries out of his hole, and devours the nearest spider, lizard, or small bird. What’s not to love? He is cunning yet predictable. I would wager that about half of your fear of the house ‘pede stems from it’s sheer sneakiness… Not knowing when or where one will turn up is fairly nauseating.

    • Readers, this comment comes from the original ‘pede-giver himself. What you say about unpredictability is true – part of the house centipede’s horror is that you really don’t know which way it’s going to run – and they run so f***ing fast.

  4. You’re Lucky! I have been trying to buy this on E Bay for months now.

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