Sunday Poll: The Lizard Discount

The blog is growing and I’d like to introduce a new weekly feature. Each Sunday you can visit Alaina Mabaso’s Blog to weigh in on an issue of debatable importance. Why start the week without making sure others know what you think?

This week, as I bought my usual goldfish supplies at PetSmart, I noticed a sign for a promotion with the animated movie Rango, in which Johnny Depp apparently voices a chameleon. Bring your Rango ticket stub to PetSmart, it said, and get $10 off the purchase a reptile! Do you think this is a good promotion?

Want more info? Here is a press release from PetSmart, emphasizing their push for responsible pet ownership and support for proper reptile care:

And here is a PETA webpage urging an end to the promotion:

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  1. So many millions of years ago lizards had their chance. They failed. Mammals seized the day. They should be glad of the opportunity to serve as pets–they might well have been completely extinguished but for the magnanimity of the mammal. Why they don’t even have warm blood. They are not at all tasty. And they are kind of dumb–remember that Star Trek episode where Kirk has to fight the lizard alien (what kind of planet allowed lizards to be king)? Man was that lizard dumb. Only brawn. How the heck did they get warp drive anyway? What kind of nuts gave warp drive to alien lizard civilizations?

  2. How do you know lizards aren’t tasty? Have you tried them all? I had a nice chunk of African crocodile last year, and it was pretty darn delicious.

    Haven’t seen the Star Trek so cannot comment on that.

  3. Hmm…I have never tasted any kind of reptile or amphibian. I have heard of people eating frogs. And alligators/crocodiles. Even snakes. But never lizards. Crocodiles are not lizards so it could be that they actually do taste like chicken. I dunno. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to eating. What I do know is that I have never seen any lizard snacks for sale at grocery stores or restaurants or pubs. One would think, if they were tasty (perhaps with a bit of seasoning), there would be many lizard ranches raising the varmints and selling their meat, with appropriate preservatives.

    I think they do seem like nice pets though. Jason Fox has one. It seems pleasant.

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